December 20, 2014

My Style: Moto Magic

A major plus to living in northern Arizona:  living 10 minutes away from paradises like this, Lynx Lake.   Although the temperatures are low this time of year, I always love sightseeing and exploring different photoshoot locations.  To stay warm, I styled this look with multiple layers, a high-low tank top, a soft sweater, and a light denim jacket.  My favorite part of the look is the moto pants.  After working hard, I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present.  I have been searching online for the perfect pair and I found them for a great price with an excellent fit.  It was a risk but it worked out.  I love when that happens.  By the way, since I have been on winter break and catching up on some R&R, I have a few movie recommendations!  If any of you of looking for some romances, I definitely recommend In Your Eyes (instant watch on Netflix) and If I Stay (DVD for rent)!  Xoxo, Shelly


December 17, 2014

My Style: Blackout

Sneakers have transitioned from a workout staple to a chic street style trend and my feet for one are loving it!  I'm wearing these sleek Nike sneakers to walk around Arizona's Christmas city, shopping and sightseeing in comfort.  I added a soft, warm top from We Are Dope (VVAD3) and stretch skinny jeans along with a wool peacoat.  Throw on a warm beanie and pick out a fave backpack and you can face anything the day brings.  Hey, I want to add a special thank you for a Christmas gift from the amazing jewelry company Coco & Marie.  I adore the gold necklaces, one of the state of Arizona and one with my initial.  Talk about lovely gifts.  If you'd like to order some beautiful, delicate jewelry for  someone special this Christmas, please think about using the discount code below and save 20%.


December 16, 2014

People's Choice #FashionFOMO Episode

Happy Tuesday my fashionable peeps.  My #FashionFOMO episode is officially here!  Back in October, I collaborated with VIMBY (Video In My Backyard) and People's Choice to film an episode on how Vanessa Hudgens's style inspires me for the People's Choice web series.  The prep for the filming included emailing back and forth, brainstorming how to show Vanessa's diverse range of bohemian style, and phone calls going over locations and script.  It was my first experience with a whole film crew, detailed script, and booked locations.  It was a total blast!  The crew included Noel Jean, field producer, Dave Stone, filmmaker, Carlos Soto, production assistant, and Danielle Valiente, hair/makeup.  Everyone was so wonderful to work with and made me feel comfortable which is very important when filming.  The vibe on the set is major in my opinion.  Noel was a wonderful, friendly director and Dave and Carlos were very kind and funny!  And for Danielle, I want her to do my makeup and hair everyday.  Seriously.  I need her.  For the interview portion, the crew along with lights and camera equipment all had to squeeze into my closet; luckily it's a walk in.  haha  For the outfit footage, we shot at popular spots around my hometown, including the "Art for All" mural downtown, Courthouse Square, and Watson Lake.  Below are some behind the scenes photos.  Enjoy!   Xoxo, Shelly

Look #3:  Girly Boho

Look #2:  Rocker Boho

Look #1:  Southwest Boho
Sweater by Double Zero
Backpack from Venice Beach


December 13, 2014

My Style: Monochromatique

In Arizona, the holiday season is in full swing, and I’m so enjoying being on winter break from university.  I have time to shop, decorate the Christmas tree, help address greeting cards, attend parties, laugh with great friends, and enjoy all the other seasonal activities.  As my longtime readers know, I love trying different styles and experimenting with fashion to see what I like and what I don't.    I'm pretty outgoing when it comes to clothes.  Lately, I have been having fun with the grunge style, but for this look I felt like going more city chic/street style.  Nothing beats a heather gray sweater hoody, coated denim skinny jeans with zipper detailing, a soft cotton white tee, and sleek leather booties.  To be city chic and yet totally comfortable is the goal of great street style.  Throw on a wide-brimmed fedora and a studded fringe purse and you are set for a fab, cozy day.  Now, I'm off to do more Christmas gift shopping. . . . Xoxo, Shelly