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Monday, September 15, 2014

My Style: Too Cool for School

Today's Look: is about looking hella sleek and feeling totally comfortable.  For the sleek appeal, you really can't beat the combo of burgundy and black (my fav).  I balanced the colors by wearing a burgundy fedora and burgundy boots with black on black in between.  I'm loving the lace top--luxurious with soft lining and intricate lace detailing from Little Mistress out of London.  For comfort, nothing beats the stretch of jeggings and the support of combat boots.  The soft faux-leather bag is from one of my favorite accessory design companies T-Shirt & Jeans.  Lastly, I couldn't resist adding a new pendant necklace from Kisstletoe.  I love the antique look and boho spirit of a glass globe filled with real mistletoe. Kisstletoe's tagline is "For the Kiss You Don't Want to Miss!" and how fun is that?!  Totes :)  Plus the company is generous and donates to the Malala Fund for the empowerment of girls.  Awesome cause!  Overall, you know you will love an outfit if you adore every separate piece in it.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Little Mistress | Purse courtesy of T-Shirt & Jeans (shop at Shopko) | Necklace courtesy of Kisstletoe | Jeans by Bullhead from PacSun | Boots by Mossimo Supply Co. from Target | Sunglasses, Infinity Ring, & Hat from Basement Marketplace | Hand, Cross, and Sparkle Ring from Maurices | Ring Finger Rings from Aeropostale | Bracelet was a gift

Fashion Tip:  Try mixing genres to create your own unique look and style.  For this outfit, I mixed Victorian (with the lace top and antiqued mistletoe necklace) and grunge (with skinny jeans and chunky boots).


Friday, September 12, 2014

My Style: Puppy Love

New puppy

Today's Look:  combines different patterns and textures to create a casual-yet-chic look.  One of my favorite new pieces in my closet is this pretty lace and geometric print romper from JYJZ.  I paired the jumpsuit with these amazing ankle boots from Skechers (another beloved addition to my closet)—notice the basket weave detailing and stacked wooden heels—and an irresistible knit fedora hat from Urban Outfitters.  Lastly, I put on my shredded, over-sized denim jacket from Zara.  Now, you may have noticed I had a special guest make an appearance during this photo shoot.  Everyone, meet Eddie, my new puppy!  If you are a fan of the TV show Frasier, you can appreciate where Eddie got his name (even though he’s a Rat Terrier and not a Jack Russel Terrier—I say close enough.)  He is cute and rambunctious.  Let’s just say…sleeping is a thing of the past and so are clean floors.  haha Have a great day and let me know your tips on how to train a new puppy!  Xoxo, Shelly

Fall outfit

Outfit Details:  Romper courtesy of JYJZ ♡ | Boots courtesy of Skechers ♡ | Jacket from Zara | Hat from Urban Outfitters | Bracelet from Claire's | Earrings from Earthbound Trading Company | Cross Ring from Maurices | Layered Ring from World Market | Sparkly Ring from P.J. Chilcottage

Fall look

Fashion Tip:  Be sure to check out Skechers's new fall boots (available at for comfortable, quality kicks.

Fall look

Skethers Fall 2014 boots


Urban Outfitters hat

puppy love

Denim jacket

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Monday, September 8, 2014

My Style: Free Falling

Today's Look:  is honoring the changing seasons.  I will miss the freedom of summer, but I look forward to the exciting events that are occurring in fall this year (stay tuned).  For this transiting-into-fall look, I teamed up with the online store eShakti.  eShakti is a unique e-store that provides customers the opportunity to have more control of what they buy and how it looks.  For example, if you see a design you like on the website, you can order the item customized to your preferences such as measurements, length, sleeve cut, neckline, etc.  You have a say in the design, which I think is pretty cool and fun (since I love designing fashion).  From their online store, I picked a modest black dress and chose an above-the-knee length skirt, a scoop neck, and elbow length sleeves.  I am very happy with the outcome.  The material is thick and soft, the stitching is quality, and the fit is just right.  In summer it's fun to show some skin and sometimes necessary because of the hot weather, but in fall I love to be covered up, wear layers, and be comfortable.  This dress is the perfect fall LBD (little black dress).  I styled the dress with an oversized cardigan, baggy beanie, brown purse, ankle boots, and gold jewelry.  I definitely recommend checking out  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Dress courtesy of eShatki ♡ | Cardigan courtesy of Garage ♡ | Purse courtesy of T-shirt and Jeans (sold at Shopko) ♡ | Phone Case courtesy of Clique Boutique ♡ | Boots from Target | Hat & Earrings from Earthbound Trading Company | Necklace & Black Stone Ring from Sage Brush Trading Company | Pointer Finger Rings from Maurices | Layered Ring from World Market

Fashion Tip:  Beanies found in the guy's section of stores tend to be baggier and bigger, which I personally think looks cooler.  Next time you're on the hunt for the perfect beanie, make sure to check the girl's and the guy's options.  ✌



Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beauty: Enza Essentials Review

Over the last month, I have been testing out a new-to-me skin care regime provided by Enza Essentials.  The first step of the process included a questionnaire of what skin type I have, what my skin goes through, and my what lifestyle entails such as stressors and activities.  First, I tried their Extraction System which targeted oily skin.  My skin may be shiny; however, it's also very sensitive, so the Extraction System was a little too aggressive and made me dry out.  The next system I tried was their Complete Sustaining System, which included Sustaining Glow Crème, Hydra Gel,  Cool Sustaining Toner, Fine Facial Polish, Sustaining Cleanser, and Advanced Protection SPF 30.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, my review ;)

Customer Service:  A+

After finding my skin was too sensitive for the Extraction System, the customer service was very knowledgeable and understanding.  They immediately sent me the Sustaining System to try instead.

Packaging/Appearance:  A+

Each package was wrapped professionally and included a folder with medical facts, detailed suggestions, and personalized instructions on how to follow the regime for best results.  Very helpful!

Results:  A

Under the circumstances of a very stressful couple of weeks with school starting back up, t.o.m. visiting, and getting a new puppy, the Enza Essentials Sustaining System did a great job.  I got through all three major stressors with only a few blemishes to count.  If I had to pick a favorite product out of the system, it would be a tie between the cleanser and the fine facial polish because I love them both!  I have seen a change in my skin to be honest with an evening out of the tone and my skin feels smoother.

Overall, I give Enza Essentials an A+! If you're in the market for some new skin care products, be sure to check out and use promo code "ARIZONAGIRL" to get 40% off of your purchase through 9/30/14!

Xoxo, Shelly

P.S. The best makeup is beautiful skin.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Style: Stay Golden

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Today's Look: is all about staying golden and keeping it real.  Nothing beats a comfortable pair of jeans, a white lace top, and combat boots.  To complete the styling, I added a necklace that is great for bohemian or tribal accents along with a cuff bracelet, rings, and a leather purse.  Once again, I'm into matching my leathers when it comes to my shoes and purse--something about the cohesiveness makes me feel balanced.  Hope you all had a wonderful 3-day weekend.  Mine included reading college textbooks, photographing for my photography and website design classes, working on this blog post, and binge watching "Criminal Minds" on Netflix.  Ah, the college life. . . . Xoxo, Shelly

All Rights Reserved

Outfit Details:  Purse courtesy of AMI Clubwear ♡ | Necklace courtesy of Sunset 45 ♡ | Cellphone Case, Earrings, & Bracelet courtesy of Charlotte Russe ♡ | Top & Jeans from American Eagle | Boots from Steve Madden | Cross Ring from Maurices | Infinity Ring from Basement Marketplace

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Fashion Tip:  To dress up the classic styling of blue jeans with a lace top try adding a statement necklace.

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