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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Style: Polka Dots & Chevron

Today's Look:  is all about a flirty, dotted chevron shift dress made of micro-satin.  Spring is definitely the season to wear fun dresses that flow, swirl, and attract.  This little gem is the perfect spring staple.  To complement the black polka-dotted, chevron print, I styled the dress with a black belt that has sparkly crystal embellishments.  The shoes are my one indulgent purchase for this photo shoot; how can a girl resist block heel sandals with ankle straps?  Literally impossible!  Besides feminine, flirty dresses and strappy sandals, spring is represented to me by two types of flowers--tulips and daffodils.  If you look carefully, you can see some of them peeking out in the background.  I couldn't resist showing off how beautiful the neighborhood looks in my recent photoshoots.  I hope you’re loving the season whatever it may be for you right now :) Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Dress courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Lipstick Cinnamon Swirl courtesy of N°7 (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Hairspray courtesy of Bumble and Bumble (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Heels from Zara, Purse and Black Stone Ring from Sage Brush Trading Co., Bracelet and Belt from Charming Charlie, Earrings from, Gold Ring from Premier Designs

Fashion Tip:  Adding a thin waist-belt to a simple shift dress not only adds a personal touch, but it also compliments the feminine figure.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Style: Orange Crush

Today's Look:  is still about Coachella dreamin’.   The headlines are stating that Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani graced the stages at Coachella as a special surprise for attendees.  Well, if I can’t be there, at least I can still dress up and have fun like I'm at the music festival.  To begin, I chose a tribal patterned, swing crop top that matched my white-washed orange shorts.  Adding a little more of a 1970's feel, I wore woven stacked friendship bracelets and a crocheted purse. To stay protected from the sun, I wore a wide-brimmed hat and colorful, mirrored sunglasses featuring shades of orange and pink.  The gladiator sandals by Lucky Brand created a perfect last boho detail.  Obviously, I've been a little obsessed with Coachella and all the fashion trends that are created at the two weekend event--next year, I'm hoping to get a group together and go crazy :)  I better start saving up now...  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Bracelets courtesy of Earthbound Trading Co. ❤, Hairspray courtesy of Bumble and Bumble (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Shorts & Sunglasses from Forever 21, Purse from American Eagle, Shoes by Lucky Brand from Dillard's, Hat from, Big Ring from Sage Brush & Company, Black Band from Earth Bound Trading Co., Nails by Impress Nails from Walgreens.

Fashion Tip:  On a sunny, warm day, a black, wide-brim hat not only adds style to an outfit, but also provides protection from the sun--perfect for long days out at festivals.  

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Style: Free Spirit

Today's Look: is festival chic, inspired by one of my style icons Vanessa Hudgens, and fun for the hot summer days approaching.  To get this look, I started with the tribal jacquard cage-back crop top in black, beige, and taupe and denim cut-offs.  I just had to add a floral headband, cut-out ankle boots, and a crocheted vest.  Adding the perfect finishing touches, I accessorized with infinity earrings, a studded leather bracelet and belt, and tarnished metal rings.  To get an idea of what bloggers go through, I have a story for you, my loyal readers.  For this shoot in particular, I knew I wanted lush green trees, mother earth vibes, and of course, beautiful lighting.  My photographer and I set out searching for a great spot.  We had to hike through a field, down a steep slope, and through (not past but through) numerous shrubs to get to this location--I saw the logs from the highway and thought it would be an awesome setting.  Although the area looked stunning in the pictures, during the photo shoot I felt like I was under attack; I had to ward off ants, bees, rodents (at least I think I heard a few scurry away in the bushes), and scratchy branches.  Luckily, we survived the wilderness and got some great pictures which made it worth the work.  When I got a chance to look at the photos that night, there was a spot on the back of my top in one of the photos.  I zoomed in and it was a ginormous bee just hanging out, chilling on my back!  I'm very allergic to bees and very thankful I wasn't aware of its presence and that it didn't sting me.  Goodness...the things we bloggers go through for that perfect shot.  Anyway, that's my dramatic story. haha  Hope you're all having a wonderful week.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Earrings courtesy of (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Lipstick courtesy of N°7 (at Phoenix Fashion Week) , Shorts from Forever 21, Crochet Vest and Bracelet from Earthbound Trading Company, Boots and Belt from Target, Headband from American Eagle, Stacked Ring from World Market, Band Ring from Aéropostale, Nails by Impress Nails.

Fashion Tip:  Even if you're not going to Coachella this year, it's still fun to dress up and be there in spirit.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Style: Blue Floral & Leather

Today’s Look: is a celebration of color and relaxed street-style chic.  As some of my readers may know, last month I attended the fabulous Spring into Fashion Show by Phoenix Fashion Week (see the post here).  Before the show, bloggers and media members were allowed access to the stylists and the store owners for interviews as well as spoiled by goodies in the exclusive Blogger Lounge.  One of the gifts to the media was chic white graphic tees, featuring a lovely fashion sketch and the Phoenix Fashion Week logo.  I was not only excited to wear the top around and maybe spark some conversation, but I also was excited to blog it!  The top features beautiful reds, blacks, and pinks, so I mixed things up by styling it with my new blue, lavender, and pink floral skirt.  Using a short white underskirt with a floral, sheer maxi overlay, the skirt portrays springtime beautifully.  To add some street-style sophistication on a breezy spring day, I styled the look with a faux leather peplum jacket and pair of black peep-toe lace-up boots.  You know me, if you add some girliness, you gotta add some edge to even the scale and vice versa.   Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Jacket courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Skirt courtesy of Ali & Kris ❤, Top courtesy of Phoenix Fashion Week ❤, Lipstick courtesy of N°7 (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Hairspray courtesy of Bumble and Bumble (at Phoenix Fashion Week) ❤, Shoes by Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters, Midi Ring and Bracelet by EB at Earthbound Trading Co., White Stone Ring at, Faith Ring by Premier Designs, Silver Ring by Aéropostale at Aéropostale, Nails by Impress Nails at Walgreens.

Fashion Tip:  Pairing a pretty floral skirt with black leather pieces and a simple white top creates a classic outfit every fashionista can rock time and time again.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Style: Just Do It

Today’s Look:  is about getting ready for swimsuit season, a.k.a. toning and looking good while doing it.  Now that it’s getting warmer again, we can finally get back outside for some athletic fun.  To begin, I chose a soft hacci knit top, with an off-the-shoulder, scoop neckline and an oversized fit, which is so comfy you’ll want to lounge around in it all day long.  In neon coral, this light knit top, styled with raglan sleeves and a hi-lo hemline, is perfection.  To add additional style to this outfit, I chose cotton-spandex blended black shorts with bows on each leg by Poof Apparel.  I love how the cut fits and how the bows add femininity.  To complete the styling, I wore Nike running shoes in neon pink and mango (because I think every girl needs a pair) and I was ecstatic to find that the top matched perfectly.  Now, if I can coax myself away from my computer, I might go workout on this beautiful Sunday. . . . Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Top courtesy of Charlotte Russe ❤, Shorts courtesy of Poof! Apparel ❤, Sports Bra by Champion at Target, Shoes by Nike at Dillard’s, Earrings by EB at Earthbound Trading Company, Nails by Impress at Walgreens.

Fashion Tip:  Think about wearing vibrant colors when going to workout; the bright, fun colors not only make you more visible to traffic if you’re running alongside the road (or hotties in the gym), but it also helps elevate your mood and confidence.  If you look good and feel good, then you'll enjoy your workout even more.